Email Analytics delivers a weekly email to your inbox with unique analytics about your email marketing program.  We deliver unique analysis that will allow you to get more from your email marketing program and serve your audience better.

We believe in the power of email but we also strongly believe that email analytics should advance to allow brands to connect better with their subscribers.  Just like web analytics was obsessed with page views, we believe that email marketing is too focused on single campaign results of open rates and click rates.  We’re providing some of the most advanced email marketing analytics in the market and continuing to innovate.

About the founder

Ross Leedham is the founder of Hat Analytics-a company that is developing a number of data analytics products.  He previously worked at Campaign Monitor as a data scientist.  He has also worked in customer support and studied Maths and Economics at the University of Sydney.

Ross has a keen interest in analytics in many different fields.  He regularly follows political polls and cricket scores.  Sometimes he can speak some Japanese but you are probably more likely to hear about analytics.