Email Marketing Tactics

There are many examples of blog posts by email marketers, ESPs and others claiming how the use of certain tactics improve results for a particular campaign or one-off email send. Some even like to call these tactics “strategy” which they are not.

Sometimes these tactics get hailed as things that should be used all the time although that is often not the case. The generic “always A/B test” which is actually terrible advice for optimizing an email marketing program as we’ve outlined previously.

Too many of these tactics are effective in the short term of engaging certain users but make long-term tradeoffs in eroding trust and confidence of your subscribers in your email marketing program.

When someone subscribes to your email marketing they’re giving you permission to send them emails directly to them and entrusting you. Tactics should only be used that build trust between the subscriber and the email marketing program.

There are still plenty of worthwhile tactics out there that should be used some of the time and some that should be used all the time.

Many tactics also apply specifically to each email or every email rather than what to do in your program. Here are three tactics that Email Analytics often recommends:

1) Vary your content to appeal to different sections of your subscribers. If you sell Android phones and iPhones make sure you are sending about both.

2) Vary your sending times and days to capture subscribers who have different preferences for when they open emails. This is providing that you don’t have a commitment to send on particular day/time.

3) Segment your subscribers based on their revealed preferences of what they click and open.

What tactics do you use across your email marketing program?

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