Reducing unsubscribes through offering change frequency options

For senders that send daily or more frequently, you should be offering the chance for subscribers to receive emails less frequently as opposed to just offering them an unsubscribe option.

A common solution is to allow subscribers to change their settings in a preference centre. Which generally means options of daily, weekly or monthly. Problem is this is annoyance for some subscribers, it is at least an extra click away.

The best solution is to build links that only take a single click for subscribers to change their preferences and display these options next to a single click unsubscribe button.

So rather than this:

Manage Email Preferences • Unsusbcribe

Let’s have this:

Email Preferences: Daily • Weekly • Monthly • Unsubscribe

This is actually not that difficult to implement in Campaign Monitor while MailChimp will require you using the API to update a subscriber.

In Campaign Monitor you just need to setup a multiple options field (select one) with the frequencies you need. Then using the technique described in this help document create a link that includes the email. In addition you will also need to include the name of the multi options field from the form and the appropriate value.

You should end up with a link like this to use:[email]&cm-fo-xxxxxx=000000

You can then put this in your email template as a permanent link, one for each of the options you want. You will also need to create segments as appropriate and use them to send campaigns going forward.

MailChimp is the same in terms of setting up a radio options field and then segmenting. However, you will need to update subscribers via the API and create your own link to handle this.

The value of doing this is in the reduced unsubscribes and more happy subscribers with them being able to easily set the frequency they want.

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